13th street team

Our team is a group of creative enthusiasts dedicated to creating a retro-horror game. We are a collective of like-minded individuals, each inspired by the style of classic games and deeply passionate about the mystical atmosphere that only the horror genre can create. Our goal is to embody this atmosphere in gameplay mechanics, sound design, and visual execution, offering players an immersive experience into the world of retro horrors. We love what we do, and our passion for the genre permeates every aspect of our work.
  • Ernest Anpilov
    CEO, Developer
    As a co-founder and ideator of the mobile game "Freak Truck", successfully launched in the global market in 2017, I have valuable experience in launching products from scratch. I have over 9 years of experience in GameDev and IT product management, with more than 30 products in my portfolio. Additionally, I have extensive experience in project and team management, having prepared a prototype and alpha version of the game.
  • Platon Udaltsov
    Game designer, programmer, technical artist, graphic designer, 2D artist, VFX artist, tester, seamstress. In other words, a broad-spectrum amateur.
  • Konstantin Peskov
    Creating games has always been my dream job - here, I can self-realize and approach tasks creatively, which gives me a lot of positive emotions. I enjoy the fact that through game development, I can tell players an interesting story and give them a range of different emotions - it's one of the main goals in my life.
  • Dima Podgornov
    3D artist
    I am a 3D artist working in the gaming industry with expertise in modeling, texturing, retopology, and animation using software such as Maya, Zbrush, and Substance Painter. I specialize in creating content for horror games and am passionate about crafting frightening characters and objects. I always strive for excellence in my work to achieve high-quality results.
  • Max Morozevich
    As a rock musician and composer, I strive to combine different genres to create a unique and dense sound full of live instruments, cold synthetics, and orchestral motifs. I always aimed to create a unique and dense sound that incorporates elements of different styles.
  • Sergey Stashenko
    3D artist
    I am a 3D artist with experience in modeling, sculpting, and texturing objects, and this is my first experience working on a gaming project of this level. My passion for this field started in my childhood. I've always wanted to be part of significant projects and have been striving towards it for a long time, requiring a lot of patience and effort. And now, I've achieved what I aimed for! I'm part of a very friendly team developing a horror game, and I'm thrilled about it!
  • John Wolf
    Narrative game designer
    Horror and erotic fiction writer, narrative designer, inspired by Clive Barker and Lovecraft tales, making psychological and trash horror. I write it brutal, nasty and freaking crazy, that's it.

Becrowned is surreal survival horror set in a world between reality and dreams. Unravel all the mysteries of this dark world, escape your fears, and explore a terrifying world where fire no longer burns.

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